Everything you need to know about joining Abu Dhabi Mums….

Do I need to be a member of Abu Dhabi Mums before I attend any group sessions or take part in any Abu Dhabi Mums events?

Yes.  We are a members only organisation*.

Who can join Abu Dhabi Mums?

We are an organisation supporting stay at home families of all nationalities with children from pre-birth up to the age of 6 years old.

Can my nanny join?

No. We support stay at home families and do not provide nanny memberships**.

What can I expect when I join?

Members will benefit from year round events / activities, as well as access to a range of discounts and special offers organised by our volunteers at ADM; and including special invitations to talks, seminars and activities offered exclusively to ADM by external parties.  You will also receive communications via our newsletters and group email news.

Which groups and services do we run?

At Abu Dhabi Mums we offer a range of age specific play groups which are held at various on and off island locations. You can also join us at our headquarters @ The Dome Clubhouse to take part in our popular mixed age play sessions.  Other activities include our seasonal Pony Club (held at the Royal Stables), our music group, library, weight loss support classes, breast pump rental service and year round special events.  For further information take a look at our online weekly calendar or check out our events section.

How do I apply for a membership?

Joining is easy.  Simply download our annual membership form.

How long will my membership take to be processed?

You will receive an email as soon as your card is ready to collect from The Dome@Rawdat. This usually takes 2 weeks from when you left your form & money at The Dome@Rawdat, but at busy times can take up to 3-4 weeks. Please do not ask our co-ordinators to rush through your membership, they are all volunteers and do the best they can to process and communicate information as quickly as possible. If after 4 weeks you have not heard from us, first check your Spam box in your email, then contact: admumsmembership@gmail.com

*You are welcome to attend one Abu Dhabi Mums group or session before making the decision the join. This is a taster session to help you decide if membership is for you. You will need to pay the relevant fee for the session but will not be asked to show a membership card or proof of payment. After this one session, if you wish to join, you will need to complete your application form and pay the membership fee. Please contact the relevant co-ordinator of the group which you would like to try.  [link to What’s on page].

* *With the exception of Pony Club [link to whats on page], where you can take an Employed Helper, if you have more than one child.


How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership fee of AED 150 (if you are joining April to December) or AED 50 (if you are joining January, February or March) is payable on submission of your application.   Our membership year runs 1st April to 31st March and you need to re-new in March/April each year.  in?

Are there any additional fees that I must pay after I have joined?

If there is a cost to attend a group the amount charged covers the cost of the activity or the venue. Please contact your group co-ordinator to find out more. [link to What’s On page]

What are the annual fees used for?

We run as a not-for-profit organisation.  Annual fees are used to maintain and purchase new equipment and toys, finance and subsidise special events for the children and cover the costs of required services. Any excess funds held at the end of the year are donated to our nominated charity. Donations are voted on at the Monthly Members Meeting.

Help with the running of Abu Dhabi Mums

I would like to know more about volunteering?

You can visit our current vacancy page on contact our Volunteers Co-ordinator direct at: volunteers@abudhabimums.ae

Who are responsible for running Abu Dhabi Mums?

Abu Dhabi Mums committee is formed by a group of all parent volunteers, who give their time to help other families get together and support each other. Each volunteer puts in whatever time they can: whether this is an hour a week / a little more / or a lot more. We don’t sit at a desk and we don’t have an office, so please be patient with us if we don’t answer your queries/enquiries straight away. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Additional information about our groups & events

Why has one of the groups stopped running?

Groups stop running when a coordinator steps down and no-one volunteers to keep the group running. Volunteers usually step down because their child is no longer eligible for the group they are running, they have been relocated, or their circumstances have changed. If you want the group to keep running, please volunteer to be group coordinator, by contacting: volunteers@abudhabimums.ae

What events do we run?

We run year round special events which are organised by our Events Team, including our annual Christmas parties, Easter parties, Mothers Day activities, summer time events and Halloween parties.  To find out more visit our events page or contact our team direct at: admumsevents@gmail.com

How will I find out which events are running?

Details of upcoming events will be emailed to the email address which you provided on joining Abu Dhabi Mums.  Updates will also be featured within or monthly newsletters and will be posted on our events page, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are usually sold by volunteers of our Special Events Committee at a variety of locations on days and times when they are available.  Information on special events including when and where to buy tickets should be advised near the time that they are taking place.  If you have any Special Events related questions please email admumsevents@gmail.com

Can I bring along a guest to any event?

Abu Dhabi Mums Special Events are for members only because they are partially subsidised by membership fees.  We are very sorry but visitors are not permitted to attend unless an exception is made for a particular event – in which case, members will be informed of this.

Our headquarters

Where are Abu Dhabi Mums located?

We are located at The Dome Clubhouse, off Airport Road and near the Grand Hilton Hotel – look out for the small black and red building off the round-about. Click here for the location map.

Still looking for an answer to your questions? Contact us.

Disclaimer Information

Recommendations. We are unable recommend a particular service, however you can ask other mums and dads on our Facebook page or see our Living in AD page for details of online forums.

Advertisements.  If you would like to advertise with us we can display your advert within our newsletter and share via our website and social media pages.  Adverts will be subject to editorial approval.  Advert placement is free of charge and any business wishing to advertise with Abu Dhabi Mums must provide our members with a discount of their services or products.  To find out more please contact: admumsdiscounts@gmail.com