This page aims to provide information which will help you plan your move to Abu Dhabi and settle into life here with your children.

Some online resources include:

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)

La Leche League Abu Dhabi

Time Out Abu Dhabi

UAE Ministry of Education

Which School Advisor



Medical care in Abu Dhabi is provided by medical centres and hospitals. Which you can access will depend on your insurance provider. In general, if you go to a hospital with your child, you will need to go to Paediatrics, whereas parents will go to the Adult Medicine department. Some medical centres have a Family Medicine department who will see any age of patient.


Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post-natal care

There are two specific maternity hospitals in Abu Dhabi –  Brightpoint Women’s hospital which opened earlier in 2015 and Al Noor, though you can choose to give birth at other hospitals too.
Breastfeeding is encouraged in the UAE and allowed in public.

La Leche League Abu Dhabi – Meetings are held (in Arabic & English) on a regular basis, within the city – see their website for full details.

There are many pre and post natal groups held within Abu Dhabi which can prove to be a mountain of support for parents.  Some classes and sessions are also discounted to members of Abu Dhabi Mums – see our members discount page for details.

Home-birth is not permitted in the UAE.


Schools and Nurseries

There are a wide range of private schools and nurseries within Abu Dhabi.  For information have a look at Which School Advisor and UAE Ministry of Education.

Abu Dhabi could qualify as shoppers paradise.   There are an incredible number of shopping malls across the UAE and Abu Dhabi is no exception.  Large hypermarket/supermarkets can be found in all the major malls making it pretty easy to get most of what you need under one roof – and most places deliver – a real bonus in the hotter months.

Baby/toddler foods, nappies, wipes, bottles and most commonly used baby equipment can be easily found in any of the main supermarkets, including: Spinneys, Waitrose,  LuLu, Geant and Carrefour.

For items such as phone top-up cards or prepaid parking meter cards you can easily purchase these at corner stores throughout the city.

Looking for something not found in a Mall? There are areas of the city or out in the Musaffah Industrial Area where it is organised according to the products or services.  If you are looking for paint and building supplies go to 6th Street between Street 7 and 9.  If you are looking for electrical goods go to Street 7 (Zayed First Street/Electra St) between Street 6 and 8. For flooring – carpets, vinyl, artificial grass go to the carpet souq near Mina Port and around the corner from there is the Fruit & Vegetable market as well. Looking for lumber or car related supplies and services? Head off the Island to Musaffah.

Things To Do
There are no shortage of activities and events happening in the city! Visit and check out our list of local amenities below:


The Corniche Beach downtown is extensive and has excellent facilities with food outlets and toilet/shower facilities easily accessible as well as shaded playgrounds to compliment the fun the kids have in the sand.  Al Bateen beach, at the end of Al Saada St (19th) also has a lovely beach and two shaded playground areas with all facilities. Saadiyat Island and Yas Island Beach are both private beaches that caters for local hotels, but can be accessed for a fee.
Libraries: Resources Time Out Secret Libraries and Abu Dhabi Government Gateway Also see our What’s On webpage for details on our Abu Dhabi Mums members library service.

Museums: Saadiyat Cultural District is fast becoming an internationally renowned arts hub, featuring the Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Performing Arts Centre. Visit Time Out Abu Dhabi for information on upcoming cultural events.

Playgrounds: Our map of parks and playgrounds in and around Abu Dhabi is constantly growing as we are discover and explore the vast array of playgrounds, splash parks and gardens that Abu Dhabi has to offer!